Sunday, 3 August 2014

#SexySnippets from my current #WIP

Hay All,

So still working on that WIP I told you about the other week. Thought I might share another little section of it.

Remember....Aura is a Witch and Luka is a lion shifter...this is still a work in progress so the bits below might not end up in the final draft! And the usual unedited unproofed rules apply...


With a quick though his lions claw pecked out of the tip of his thumb. He ran the sharp point over her tender skin. The light pressure was enough to have her shuddering. The scent of her lust hit him square in the gut. The desire to bury his face between her lush thighs was almost too much for him. It was only their current location that kept him in the seat

Copyright Cherie Nicholls 2014

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Until next time remember......Lion shifters just won't let you ignore them, not matter how hard you try...


  1. It's getting hot between these two :-)

  2. Scrumtious details. I could see that claw. Lovely.

  3. I had to go back and read last weeks part as well lol. I like where this is going. Great snippet. xx