Friday, 27 February 2015

3 years and still going strong...or a least giving it a fair crack

So today is exactly 3 years since I became a published author.

You think that once you've been published the ride from there on out is easy. Well you think that for about a minute and then you get your first 1 star review. Then your world comes crashing down around your ears.

That first 1 star review can send you in to a downward spiral. And for a few days you are convinced you suck and that you should have stuck to the day job.

But then that magical 5 star view appears and suddenly you are convinced you are the next Agatha Christie or Penny Jordan.

That is the start of your roller-coaster ride that is the writing world.

I've learnt a lot in the last three years. I've forgotten more. But there is still loads to learn.

I have friends that are prolific writers and have one or two books out a month. Then there is me, who is lucky to have one book out a year.

But we all make up a community that can be so supportive and understanding, that although writing is a solitary profession, you never feel alone.

I'm terrible at promoting and marketing myself. Those who follow this blog or my twitter and Facebook, know I kinda of suck at keeping up a presence. I really need to work on that, and one day I'm sure I will. Baby steps people, baby steps.

My very first book was Leashed by a Wolf, where I introduced the world to Laney St Clair who is just the right side of crazy and her poor put upon mate Heath.

Click the cover for more details

And my next book is Wind Born. Where you get to meet Aura and her best friend, Luka.

I think you'll love them and their quirky relationship. I don't have a cover yet I will share it. But here is the blurb.... something to wet your appetite.

Luka Barend is an Alpha lion shifter, member of the Shifter Council, teacher, and big brother. He's also stuck firmly in the “friend zone.” In point of fact he is King of the Best Friend zone. Sometimes it really sucks to be him.

Aura Vietor is a High Priestess, an air elemental witch, and a woman who really, really wants Luka to realize that his best friend is actually woman, with needs. Many, many dirty needs. Stupid, blind lion shifter!

So do I have your interest? I hope so.

My current plan it to personally blog once a month. I will also still post the promo blogs of my fellow authors. I love sharing other books with you all and I hope you like them too.

So until next month.... remember... You might be an alpha, a king of beasts but it won't help once you are in the "friend zone"


  1. Congratulations on your 3 years !!!!! May you have many, many more years of writing and letting us enjoy and look forward till your next book