Sunday, 8 February 2015

#SexySnippets Property Lines by @CherieNicholls

Hey all! So I am attempting to do Sexy Snippets again. This time it's from Property Lines, part of the The Eclipse of the Blood Moon anthology.

Why you ask? Well these two were my first attempt at a Witch/Shifter relationship. You can image the problems that creates....

“A flash of cleavage?” Celeste came out of the chair, and moved closer to the cage. Did he really think his father, an Alpha of high standing, would do anything for a “flash of cleavage”?
“Yeah, why else would he have let you take over our most sacred ground if you didn’t sweeten the offer?” He ran his gaze up and down her body.
Celeste narrowed her eyes as she leaned against the cage and looked in at him.
“Well, it’s not like your father knew that there needed to be a witch on this land to ensure the health, wealth, and happiness of your entire pack or anything, is it?” 

Property Lines is available now: Click the cover for more information

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Until next time.. remember...witches and shifters...a match made in...well...where ever they darn well please!


  1. Lovely snippet. I could see her growling at him in the cage. I wonder which one of them will be the first to bite.

  2. A first attempt, but absolutely wonderful! I remember this story and it was one of my favorites. Their chemistry is off the charts!

  3. I love her sass. You always write great female characters. Great snippet, Cherie!

  4. Heh heh, witches and shifters are always a great combo. Loved this story, Cherie :-)