Sunday, 26 April 2015

#sexysnippet from #windborn


Yeah I know those aren't the right words for the song, but allow me a little creative licence's sunday baby yeah!

Ok on to the snippett this week.

He didn’t give her a chance to say anything more as he plundered her mouth. He didn’t ask permission, nor was he gentle. He gave her a kiss like none she’d had before, one that made sure she’d measure everyone else against it and find them lacking.
A small part of him was sure she’d push him away, a human part. The lion half wasn’t surprised when she wrapped her legs around his waist and kissed him back.


 Wind Born is due out on 7th May! But available for pre-order now!

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Sunday, 19 April 2015

#sexysnippett from #WindBorn

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So here is my snippett today from Wind Born:

The sound warmed his heart. Aura might be an air elemental witch, a rare breed of witch to say the least. She might even be one of the most powerful magical women in the world. But first and foremost, she was his best friend. And wasn’t that all sorts of fun. Somewhere in their teen years he’d landed not only in the friend zone, but he was in point of fact, king of the best-friend zone. Yay him.


Wind Born is out on May 7th!

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Tuesday, 14 April 2015

The Vampire's Breakfast by @RavenMcAllan #guestpost

When I started to write this, I knew it had to be short, sharp and have a sting, or a bite in the tail… and tale…
Has it? Only the reader can decide, but I do hope so.
(well I achieved the short bit… bit not bite, if nothing else. This is a wee flirt.)

The vampire's breakfast was well overdue. There was just one thing to discover. Who was the vampire and who was the victim?
When Dorissa and Rafe got together, sparks flew and sex was always on the menu. This time though it went deeper. And became a game of dominance and a race to win.
Dorissa knew her life depended on Rafe—he didn't. Could she show him how?
Rafe wanted Dorissa in every manner possible, except perhaps in the only way she could live. Would he agree to her terms?
In this game of life, could there be two winners, or would they both lose?
As dawn approached one of them knew that once the sun rose, nothing would be the same again.
"What do you mean it's vampires at dawn?" Dorissa stroked the silk of her ball gown into place and looked up at the elegant man who stood next to her, with a loo mask dangling from his fingertips. "I thought it was a mere masked ball?"
He bent and kissed the nape of her neck. As ever his kisses made her scalp tighten.
 "Not just that," he said, as he trailed his fingers over the tiny hollow at the base of her chin. "It's said at dawn we unmask and see who are vampires, and who are mere mortals. Then have breakfast."
She snorted. Some ladies would do anything to get the cream of the ton to attend their extravaganzas. Little did they know. "Choose your feast and bite?"
He smiled.
"Something like that. Are you not a believer Dorissa?" The tiny nip he gave to her soft skin sent delicious tingles down her skin and into her cunt. So much emotion from a tiny touch. But what a touch. The hairs in her arms stood on end and miniscule droplets of perspiration began to gather on them.
She squeezed her thighs together to stop the steady trickle of her juices from sliding down her legs. Rafe was all too likely to lift her skirts, see the evidence of how he made her feel and taste it. Before flipping her over and taking her there and then. Sadly with this damned ball looming they didn't have time.
"Shall I be a vampire, Dorissa? Bite you drink and your blood?" The gleam in his eyes made her ache to answer. But what would he think if she did?
Wait, just wait.
 "Then," Rafe continued, "turn you and make you mine forever in that other world? Would you like to be mine, all mine?" His voice deepened and became husky with something she couldn't define. His rough tongue licked her sweat-slicked skin. "I want more, Dorissa. I want it all."
Yes, it's only a short wee excerpt, but it's only a short wee tease.
However, I do hope it teased you enough to want to read more. if it did…well… here's how you can…

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