Sunday, 5 April 2015

#sexysnippet from #windborn

Happy Sunday!

Today for my sunday snippetts I am giving you a little sneak peak from my upcoming release Wind Born.


Luka Barend is an alpha lion shifter, member of the Shifter Council, teacher, and big brother. He's also stuck firmly in the “friend zone.” In point of fact he is King of the Best Friend zone. Sometimes it really sucks to be him.
Aura Vietor is a High Priestess, an air elemental witch, and a woman who really, really wants Luka to realize that his best friend is actually a woman, with needs. Many, many dirty needs. Stupid blind lion shifter!

And here is my snippet:

He closed the gap between them, until barely an inch separated their lips.
“Why would I be when we both know you’re mine for the taking?”
She was still for a second, her face blank. He should’ve realized it was the calm before the storm as she leaped across the table, going for his throat.


I love those two! I can't wait for you to get the whole book, which is out on May 7th. 

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Until next time..... remember you can only push an air elemental so far, before she goes for your throat.... don't say I didn't warn you.


  1. Great snippet, Cherie. You can just tell spark will fly between these two :-)

  2. Oh, my. It reads like he's got his hands full with her. Explosive snippet and I enjoyed it.

  3. Great snippet... Explosive is the right word!