Sunday, 12 April 2015

#sexysnippett from #windborn

Hey all!

So it's another snippett from Wind Born today.

I am really excited for the release day... can you tell? And this time I have an cover to share too!


“Yeah, yeah, whatever. I told you when they asked you to join that you’d be at least nine hundred years too young. But no, you wouldn’t listen. So deal with it, kitten.”
“No, please, Aura. You’re drowning me with your admiration.”
“Bite me.”
“Only if you ask me nice.”


Wind Born is out on May 7th!

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Until next time .... remember....what happens in the friend zone....stays in the friend zone......


  1. Love their banter! And the cover is beautiful! Congrats on the upcoming release, Cherie!

  2. Congrats on your forthcoming release. Great snippet. I'd love to read the whole story

  3. Lovely cover. Good snippet as they snap at each other so well. Good luck with the new release.

  4. Love the humour in this snippet, Cherie :-)

  5. Hahahaha. Love the snippet. And the cover is lovely too. :)

  6. Looking forward to your visit this week!

  7. ha ha ha I love how he rubs her up the right way ;-) great snippet