Sunday, 19 April 2015

#sexysnippett from #WindBorn

Happy Sunday!

So here is my snippett today from Wind Born:

The sound warmed his heart. Aura might be an air elemental witch, a rare breed of witch to say the least. She might even be one of the most powerful magical women in the world. But first and foremost, she was his best friend. And wasn’t that all sorts of fun. Somewhere in their teen years he’d landed not only in the friend zone, but he was in point of fact, king of the best-friend zone. Yay him.


Wind Born is out on May 7th!

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Until next time... remember....Earth, Wind and Fire weren't just a band from the 70's.


  1. I love this snippet and want to read more of the story

  2. Another great snippet from Wind Born. I can't wait for it's release.

  3. LOL I feel sorry for the poor guy! Great snippet, Cherie!

  4. Lol, bless him. I get the distinct feeling things will change soon :-)

  5. Love it! The "best-friend" zone is priceless!

  6. Hahahaha. Poor man. Love the snippet, Cherie.