Sunday, 3 May 2015

#sexysnippet from #windborn

Hey all,

Wind Born releases on Thursday and I am seriously excited and terrified all at once!

Here is a little snippet from it..... hope you like..

He was a goddamn party, thank you very much. Just because she didn’t understand the pressures he was under now didn’t mean he didn’t know how to have fun. And he’d damn well show her.
“You want fun, baby? All you had to do was ask.” She gave a little squeak as he reached out and caught her under the arms, lifting her to his height. 

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Until next time..... remember Lions and witches have history.... just saying


  1. Sounds like they're about to have fun. Great snippet.

  2. Oh, yes, I can so see him giving her heaps of fun. Gotta love lion shifters ;-)

  3. Lovely snippet, Cherie and good luck with your new release. I think it looks like a super story.

  4. Love the snippet Cherie. His strength really shows here. X