Sunday, 30 August 2015

#SexySnippets from #EarthBorn by Cherie Nicholls

Hey all! I'm back again, this time with a little more from Earth Born, book 2 in the Elemental Coven series, which is due out *insert drum roll here* 1st October!!!!


He took a deep breath and growled low. The sound was one he used in warning and as a threat. Most everybody knew it meant trouble. Most everybody would show him their neck in submission. But he didn’t use it on her to intimidate or threaten. He’d discovered a long time ago that Little Miss Demi was a little bit kinky. The sound, the aggression that poured from him when he used it, made her knees weak and her pussy wet.

(c) Copyright Cherie Nicholls

OK so what do you think? Nate and Demi know how to push just the right buttons with each other.... I tell ya these two!!

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Until next time don't forget..... no matter how bad your day is sucking remember, sometimes you are the pigeon and sometimes the statue, you might be the statue right now but every pigeon gets there day.

Monday, 24 August 2015


Just how sexy is a Bad Alpha?
Shifters so ruthless they will stop at nothing to protect their pack, these Bad Alphas are
dangerous men with an animal side that rivals their human fierceness. Feared, inked, they take what they want, never give in to their enemies, and think love is for the weak—until they meet
their mate. Are you ready to learn how to tame a savage heart?

Don’t be fooled. These aren’t your usual sugar-and-spice heroes.

Ruthless. Fearless. Scarred, hard, and fully in charge of both their human and animal sides. These bad
Alphas aren’t the kind to take prisoners or believe in love—until they meet their mate.

With seven stories from authors such as James Cox and Doris O’Connor, Bad Alpha: Manlove Edition features Alpha shifters who do whatever it takes to survive and protect their pack. Bear, wolf, pit bull, the animal doesn’t matter as long as the Alpha is pitiless enough to do his job. It’s a hard life and doesn’t leave much room for love, until each Alpha stumbles across his male mate in locations
ranging from a Victorian London alley to a modern biker bar.

Bad Alpha: Manlove Edition will be released with its sister publication Bad Alpha. Both anthologies will be available from Evernight Publishing on August 20th,  2015 and from online retailers from August 21st.

“Bully Boys” by Nicola Cameron

When Victorian solicitor Arthur Finter is forced to cut down a dangerous London alley after
work, he stumbles upon pit bull shifter Alpha Gunner Jones in the middle of a dogfight with a
rival shifter pack. The hardnosed bully boy scents Arthur and recognizes him as his mate,
but will events orchestrated by the other pack separate them before Gunner can lay final

“The Alpha’s Assassin” by Doris O’Connor

Bear shifter Zayden Reid makes his living doing what he does best—killing people. The sought
after assassin doesn’t have to think twice when he’s offered a lot of money to kill the Alpha of a
wolf pack, until he scents his mate. As the Alpha of his pack Quinton Thorn is used
to giving orders. He may be gay, but that doesn’t mean he’s weak, and he’ll squash any
challenge to his leadership with ruthless efficiency. When the threat comes from a
source he trusts, however, can he afford to give into his feelings for his mate, knowing that he’ll
endanger everyone under his protection?

The mating bond cannot be denied, no matter what the consequences, and they might well

“Discarded Pup” by Angelique Voisen

Betrayed by his beta and abandoned by his pack, Cole Reyes wasted the last ten years of
his life rotting behind bars. A cage is no place for a wolf, and wounds left open, fester. Cole
has zero tolerance for mercy. The time Cole spent in prison didn’t just bleed out all the
decency he once possessed. It broke him. Made him hard and unforgiving. Cole’s vengeance
starts now, beginning with his beta’s new toy.

“Yellow Eyes” by Gale Stanley

The brutal war between shifters and humans is over, but each side still sees the other as a
threat. The only thing they can agree on, is that they can’t agree. Humans live east of the
bridge, shifters live west. Camden is a halfbreed, the product of a rape that happened
during the war. Neither side wants him, but he lives with his human mother. The night she dies, Camden goes west looking for revenge. He knows he won’t find his father, and he’ll
probably get himself killed, but he doesn’t care. As long as he takes a shifter with him, he’ll die

Wyat is alpha of the pack living in the west. He’s a warrior who believes in separation of the races.
Then on the night of the full moon, he discovers a half-breed hiding in the alley. The man’s scent
makes him burn with lust, and against his better judgement, he takes him home—and discovers
that sleeping with the enemy might just lead to a better future.

“Destined” by L.D. Blakeley

Caleb Stokes has had a shit night. Too bad catching his boyfriend in flagrante delicto with the
club DJ isn't the worst thing he’ll witness before the night is through.

Marick Gevrees has no time for romance. He has even less time for a tipsy twink looking for a man
to fill some Daddy fetish. But what the hell is he supposed to do when said twink wanders headlong
into the middle of a bloody vendetta that could result in the exposure of his clan?

“Trouble” by James Cox

Tremarc is sleeping his way through the entire Bear Shifter Clan. He’s sent to the moon, under
the colonized dome to stay out of trouble. When he meets sexy alpha Lyon and his mated human,
Quinn his life takes a sharp turn that may just find him his happy ending or get him kicked out
of yet another bear shifter clan.

“Outlaw Wolf” by Elizabeth Monvey

Dekker ran away from his pack in an order to protect his lover and Alpha, Grey, when he
overheard two higher ranked wolves talk about killing him. When Grey finds him six months later, Dekker tries to convince the man he loves to go away. But Grey won’t take no and as the two talk it out, their mutual attraction overwhelms them. In desperation, Dekker renounces Grey as his
Alpha. But when another force tries to punish Dekker by silencing him forever, Grey must
choose which stand he’ll take…being the alpha for all his pack, or being the man Dekker needs,
even if it means breaking the rules.

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Sexy Snippet from #EarthBorn by Cherie Nicholls

Hey all

Thought I'd join in the snippets this week. Today's post is from Earth Born, which is book 2 in the Elemental Coven series.

Let me know what you think:

“Wow,” was the only thing she could manage to say.
“I have to go.”
“I know.”
She really did have to go. She was going right this very second. She was totally just still standing there.
(C) Cherie Nicholls 2015

Earth Born will be out in October 2015. But if you want to catch book 1, Wind Born, it's out now!

You can get it at Amazon, iBooks, Barnes and Noble, and all good ebook stores. 


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Until next time remember...... if noone has told you today... you rock!

Monday, 17 August 2015

Writers are readers too.

I know it's shocking right?  Writers, who spend all their time in fictional worlds that they have created, love visiting other fictional worlds of different authors.

Some only ready the genre that they write in, like historical or suspense. Then there are others, like me, that read a plethora of different genres. Although it has to be said I tend to stick to romance, in whatever form that takes.

But within the romance genre I read many different subsections. (fair warning I shall be linking to other authors within this blog. If you don't like their sub genre, don't click the links. We are all appreciation here people... not hate)

There is some Female/Female, like the lovely Michaela Rhua and the hot books she puts out.  Vanessa North has the best Male/Male.... personal fav is High and Tight.... it has one of the best lines it in... I won't ruin it for you but trust me it's brilliant.

Or historical like Raven McAllan... she can take you back in time without the use of a Delorian going 88 miles an hour!

For a little smexiness I have three "go to" authors, Doris O'Connor, Jorja Lovett and Becca Jameson. Each have series that I follow and each write books that, well, can make a lady blush! But I adore them all the same.

For a little heart pumping adventure, then I go to Lea Griffith

Then there are the paranormal shifter books. The list is loooonnnggg, but to name my favs I would have to say Dana Marie Bell, Shelly Laurenston, Annemarie McKenna and Ceila Kyle.

I am lucky enough to know some of the above authors, I know right, look at me hobnobbing with the famous people! But that doesn't prevent me from enjoying their work as a fan too.

There are times when the words just don't come. When the "everyday job" gets too stressy and I just look at a blank screen for hours. I know what I want to write but I can't seem to find the correct way of putting that down on paper. When times like that happen, then only thing you can do, I can do, is pick up a book and read.

The act itself brings enjoyment and escapism from the stresses of life, but it also takes your mind away from the words that won't flow. What's that old saying "a watch pot never boils". Well the same applies to writing, forced words never come. Well in my experience anyway.

So yeah writers are readers too. Don't forget that.

I also love to share authors that I've enjoyed reading. Maybe one of their books will help you escape from everyday life for a little while, and let's face it we all need that every now and then.

Do you have any recommendations? Any author or series out there that is a must buy?  Share in the comments below!

Until next time remember.... I'm not a one author woman... I like to spread my adoration around... just cause I can.

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Because I miss ya all ....

Hey All,

Hope all is well in your part of the world. I know, again, I haven't been around much, and I have no excuse other than to say.... work.

Once day when I'm able to give up the everyday job to be a full time writer you're going to miss the days where I wasn't around so much!

And to make up for the fact I am horrible, here is a sneak peak of the next book in the Elemental Coven series, which is due out in October.

Here is the opening of Chapter One.

With a cautious look around the room, Nate lifted the cup to his nose and sniffed at it. Because if he was sitting here, right now, with these people, someone had to have drugged him.

(C) 2015 Copyright Cherie Nicholls

So what do you think? If you remember Nate form Wind Born then you'll be pleased to know he is getting his own book. That snarky little wolf/coyote just wouldn't shut the heck up...rude I say!

Let me know what you think and don't forgot if you haven't managed to get your hands on Wind Born yet, Luke and Aura are available from all good Ebook stores!

Oh look I have had a proper Author picture taken too! See this is my face!

I know right, totally pretending to be a grown up there! heh

Until next time, remember...... family, not only by blood but by choice too!