Monday, 17 August 2015

Writers are readers too.

I know it's shocking right?  Writers, who spend all their time in fictional worlds that they have created, love visiting other fictional worlds of different authors.

Some only ready the genre that they write in, like historical or suspense. Then there are others, like me, that read a plethora of different genres. Although it has to be said I tend to stick to romance, in whatever form that takes.

But within the romance genre I read many different subsections. (fair warning I shall be linking to other authors within this blog. If you don't like their sub genre, don't click the links. We are all appreciation here people... not hate)

There is some Female/Female, like the lovely Michaela Rhua and the hot books she puts out.  Vanessa North has the best Male/Male.... personal fav is High and Tight.... it has one of the best lines it in... I won't ruin it for you but trust me it's brilliant.

Or historical like Raven McAllan... she can take you back in time without the use of a Delorian going 88 miles an hour!

For a little smexiness I have three "go to" authors, Doris O'Connor, Jorja Lovett and Becca Jameson. Each have series that I follow and each write books that, well, can make a lady blush! But I adore them all the same.

For a little heart pumping adventure, then I go to Lea Griffith

Then there are the paranormal shifter books. The list is loooonnnggg, but to name my favs I would have to say Dana Marie Bell, Shelly Laurenston, Annemarie McKenna and Ceila Kyle.

I am lucky enough to know some of the above authors, I know right, look at me hobnobbing with the famous people! But that doesn't prevent me from enjoying their work as a fan too.

There are times when the words just don't come. When the "everyday job" gets too stressy and I just look at a blank screen for hours. I know what I want to write but I can't seem to find the correct way of putting that down on paper. When times like that happen, then only thing you can do, I can do, is pick up a book and read.

The act itself brings enjoyment and escapism from the stresses of life, but it also takes your mind away from the words that won't flow. What's that old saying "a watch pot never boils". Well the same applies to writing, forced words never come. Well in my experience anyway.

So yeah writers are readers too. Don't forget that.

I also love to share authors that I've enjoyed reading. Maybe one of their books will help you escape from everyday life for a little while, and let's face it we all need that every now and then.

Do you have any recommendations? Any author or series out there that is a must buy?  Share in the comments below!

Until next time remember.... I'm not a one author woman... I like to spread my adoration around... just cause I can.


  1. Thanks for the mention, Cherie :-) I do hope your words flow soon, though, cause I need more Cherie books to read....just pressure or anthing ;-)

  2. I read all types of romance as well, and am well overdue a new dose of yours