Friday, 10 June 2016

I'm back with a little update.....

I know I know,

I have havne't blogged in six months. That is no reflection on your good selves. It's more of a reflection of the year I've had so far. But we won't dwell on that, needless to say I am longing for 2017 like you would not believe.

I have had loads of emails about the Shifters of Hillside books, especially Duke and Karina's story. I now have the rights back for Leashed by a Wolf, Claiming Clara and A to Zane. They were some of the first things I wrote and really need a little work. I plan on doing that and extending them a little and once that is done I will get to Duke and Karina, honestly I will, pinky swear!

In the meantime the Elemental Coven is still in process. Both Wind Born and Earth Born are out and the next book in the line up will be Water Born.

I've had to take some time off of writing for personal reasons, but I am now back in the saddle, not literally 'cause me and horses, yeah we ain't friends. *shudders*

You may know that I love a Pinterest board.... it's like and addiciton that I refuse to get help for. But I thought I might share the inspiration boards for Wind Born, Earth Born and Water Born, well mostly just 'cause I can, but hey I thought you guys might to see too!

I adore this coven, as crazy and dangerous as they are, they are still one of my favorites.

Just a short quick post this time. But I am planning on getting back into proper writing now, so you may well here from me sooner than you think.

In the meantime remember.... no matter what anyone else says, or what you may think, I know that you are special and you deserve a good place in this world...